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Hi, guys! It’s already 2021, it feels less if you don’t discuss it a row of the Best Mobile Games that will also adorn the year 2021. Moreover, some of these mobile games has been intensified for release since 2020. Hmm, what kind of games do you think? Let’s watch the video right away!

Best Mobile Game of 2021 Expected to be Released Soon Plants vs. Zombies 3 Plants vs. Zombies 3 might be a mobile game that is waiting for its release for the Indonesian region. Plants vs. Zombies were first released in 2009 and very booming.

This game uses the tower defense genre. Your job is to survive the incoming zombie attack from the home page. The weapon used is a plant that can shoot, stone and various others. The Witcher: Monster Slayer Last August 2020 CD Projekt Red has announced plans for a new game titled The Witcher: Monster Slayer. Different from the game series The Witcher in general, The Witcher: Monster Slayer will be released specifically for the mobile platform, namely Android and iOS.

This game will carry Augmented Reality (AR) technology. which has a similar concept to the Pokemon Go game. NieR Re [in] Carnation At first the NieR Re [in] Carnation was planned for release soon in 2020. But for some reason, Square Enix decided to postpone the release of the game. This game itself tells of a mysterious girl guided by a creature called Mama to find something of hers that was lost, at the same time to atone for his sins.

Pokmon Unite Last June 2020, Pokemon Company and Tencent’s TiMI Studio has announced Pokmon Unite. This game is different from Pokemon games in general, where comes the concept of a 5-vs-5 battle arena or what we call the MOBA. The plan, the Pokemon Unite game not only for mobile devices like iOS and Android, but also on the Nintendo Switch console.

Warhammer: Odyssey Next is Warhammer: Odyssey which is planned to be coming soon to mobile devices. This MMORPG game was developed by Virtual Realms and claimed to have graphics and gameplay like a PC MMORPG game.

Not much information has been provided regarding this mobile game. Z1 Battle Royale Success on PC made the H1Z1 franchise also coming soon to mobile devices. This game will later come with the title Z1 Battle Royale. Cultivation of a port for this mobile platform is the result of collaboration between Daybreak with NantWorks LLC. Like H1Z1, Z1 Battle Royale mobile game will fight many players in one map, where only the toughest who can survive at the end of the game.

Diablo Immortal Lastly, there is Diablo Immortal which was developed in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment with NetEase. This game itself was announced at Blizzcon 2018 and get quite large rejection from fans. Back then, fans were expecting Diablo 4 to be announced but it was finally the announced Diablo mobile game.

Well, there he is the gang a line of the Best Mobile Games expected to release in 2021. What do you think Write and share your opinion in the comments column?

See you in the next articles, Bye-bye, guys!.

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