BlackBox Walkthrough

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Hey guys, what’s up, welcome to my second walk through this took way too long to come out bonds. We haven’t had any time to play this game so, as you can see, don’t unlock any levels but anyways jump right in so um. First thing you’re gon na want to do like right away, because I don’t know if this is temporary, like a limited thing, if you come over here, so he looks like our first level Tom come over here on the right side, these will be grayed out on The bottom – I guess you don’t want the ones I’m going to right now – will have like a gray box over them all cap it and you just unlock it for free. I don’t know why. That is because I think the normally cost money so yeah. So if I tap these, we good five or two dollars, but, like oh, my gosh, go to I’ll, attach buy it. Okay, this one. Let me out um so yeah! Do that? Because I don’t know, if appear to be forever so get those levels, because they’re gon na be in the walk, see later some anyways jump straight into the levels that we don’t have done.

Um I’ll jump straight into this blue one, the three blue, as you can see, reacts really like you’re talking, so how i unlock the center center one. It’S just kind of like by talking like consistently, but i like super loud there’s, probably an actual way to do it. I think it’s nice to be with medium volume. It doesn’t whatever. Let’S start with the first one for the top square, is basically just shut up. So in ten seconds, all right there you go so my phone lock is unlike low-power mode. That’S hilarious, but let’s play um turn off full power mode before recording view, but there you saw it pop at least. So I the second one like you should be, or the third one you got ta, be like really loud like constantly talking, and I got pops the second one like unlock the second one. Just by like there you go see, it was like kind of like on off on off on off or just like consistently talking, I like a medium volume, but basically just yelling to your phone lunch you’ll get this level done so cool alright. Moving on to, I think, the purple square we haven’t done yet so this one, I think, you’ve a long to figure out bad, but it’s basically, you can see con with those corners. That indicates like a picture like that’s what you you know like a viewfinder. Basically, so I want to try to actually take a picture and stuff like it’s, not that you just screenshot and there you go you’ll, see it just took off just like that so cool moving on that one super simple, literally just screenshot it I kind of confusing It very slow whatever so easy.

Now, there’s one this one took me the long day. So, as you see, as I rotate my phone around to different corners, you get this like could be weird thing: blah blah blah, and this looks like eggs ever and, as you can see like. If I, if I balance my phone and like trim stuff, you can kind of see it

picking your phone. Actually, I do I clicks and taps when we do that which is kind of the indicator so um you kind of get the idea. If you try and do in air, it’s like almost impossible, although having them a lot easier time to do it now, like it specific important later, but anyways how you can believe this level is incredibly simple. I wish for you out there and actually one my favorite mechanics. You set your phone down and you just turn it like big or either way to the matter, but you’re, literally turning it as if it’s a physical knob and it looked so satisfying you get a 360 turn in it unlawfully light you just like he regards wonder It I love this mechanic. I was just playing like actually utilizing the phone. I know that doesn’t have an expense, but it’s all fallen like you can’t even I’m doing buness like spinning it around good times all around super satisfying. So it is that it is that all the level that I did well, no, that definitely wasn’t it, because I forgot this little blue green level over here, which of course I forgot it. Why would I not um so show the Wi-Fi symbol? Of course, you can’t do that all because the lighting in here is terrible, ie not make videos at night, but I’m anyway, so this this one’s incredibly simple, all you have to do. I thought I had to deal with your Wi-Fi, adding a Devon away, but it’s mostly your connectivity or signal so just swipe up. I’M not going to actually show it because I’m connected wirelessly but you’ll turn off your Bluetooth turn off your Wi-Fi turn on airplane mode and then fly back down.

You’Ll see your signal bars, drop to zero and then just turn them all. Back on and you’ll go back up to full power and I’ll unlock the little box book. All I got to do for it, those what one two three four I’m trying to do: four levels, at least for each walk through every time and double check, I’m you can see I’m starting to unlock levels over here, but like this, what is this one? I don’t know some of these are so hard like, I feel I gon na have to start using hid. So I’m just like okay, it’s a box within a box. What does that tell you it’s nothing, but anyways they’re all going to be on the later walkthrough. It’S coming probably in a couple days, maybe right away because um I got three times I got three times. Let me plug in my crazy stuff. Anyways subscribe this video. If you want those lawsuits and um yeah there, you go yeah super simple peace.

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