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BlackBox Walkthrough

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Hey guys, what’s up, welcome to my second walk through this took way too long to come out bonds. We haven’t had any time to play this game so, as you can see, don’t unlock any levels but anyways jump right in so um. First thing you’re gon na want to do like right away, because I don’t know if this is temporary, like a limited thing, if you come over here, so he looks like our first level Tom come over here on the right side, these will be grayed out on The bottom – I guess you don’t want the ones I’m going to right now – will have like a gray box over them all cap it and you just unlock it for free. I don’t know why. That is because I think the normally cost money so yeah. So if I tap these, we good five or two dollars, but, like oh, my gosh, go to I’ll, attach buy it. Okay, this one...

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